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Warren County Public Schools will be utilizing the Erate discount program to upgrade our network equipment.  We are currently requesting bids to add wireless access points to all elementary school at the ratio of one access point per classroom.   This upgrade is in support of our 1:1 (student to device ratio) initiave at WCPS.  Vendors, please refer to our form 470 for details on equipment and installation requirements.  Bids are due before March 22, 2019.  Contact information is indicated on the form 470.  

All inquiries regarding the bids will be made public.  Those questions and responses will be posted below.

Question 1:  What do you expect with the request for initial configuration and set up of the listed equipment:

Answer to Question 1: 


The configuration for compatible stacking Cisco switches will migrate over fairly easily as long as it is on the same firmware (15.2(2) E7).  If the software does not match, the vendor will need to upgrade the software on that stack to match that switch.

Non Cisco switches will need the configuration set up to match the configuration of our other switches.  We typically receive a design workbook that includes:  Hostname, Location, MGMT IP address, Netmask, Gateway, Software Version, Access Method, Username, Passwords, Manufacturer, Part Number, Seriel Number, Mac Address, Notes, and VLan Info.

Access Points:

For Access points we would like the A.P. labeled by school name and room number/location.  We also need a list with the label name and their corresponding MAC address.

Further clarification on access points: 

We will provide you with a map and label name for each access point.   All you need to do is match up the AP with the MAC address, label the AP so we know where it goes, and put it in a spreadsheet.  Our other AP's are labeled with a label maker, we don't need etching or anything like that. We just need to be able to identify the AP when it is out in the school and we need to find it to troubleshoot.  If you feel it would be easier to have your people install it to get it in the correct place feel free to quote it.  I will keep that cost factor in mind as I go through the bids to keep it fair.

 Suggested AP labels

Suggested AP locations (locations may change slightly before install)

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